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Union Vulnerability Assessment




Please answer these statements in a way that you perceive your employees would


Score 1 point
Score 2 points
Score 3 points

1.     I am treated fairly by my supervisor

2.     Management is consistent in enforcing policy

3.     Supervisors do not play favorites

4.     My boss listens to me

5.     Management trusts me

6.     I trust management

7.     I know I will always have a job here

8.     I enjoy coming to work

Enter Total Point Score Here

Less than 10 points with no “unsatisfied” responses

Little or No Risk

10 -15 points with no “unsatisfied” responses

Moderate Risk

10-15 Points with at least 1 unsatisfied response

Significant Risk

16-21 points

Critical Vulnerability

3 or more unsatisfied responses

Critical Vulnerability

We will be happy to review your vulnerability index at no cost.

Simply call Randy Cheney at (508) 579-3864 and we will provide our professional  guidance to help you understand your corrective action strategy.

Our goal is the same as yours… Maintain your freedom to manage without a union

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